Initiati is determined to support each Initiati model on her/his every step on the ladder to success. We provide models with proper training by assigning model mentors to them. These model mentors are the ones responsible in tutoring new models how to act and what to say in front of the camera. Aside from this, we also provide models with a list of our top earners so they can witness experienced models at work.

All of our models are required to read this before officially broadcasting:

Model Guideline

Initiati has created these tips of the trade to maximize your earning potential as a webcam model:

Be presentable

You should look your prettiest when you're in front of the camera. Make sure that you are clean from head to toe. Fingers and toe nails should be polished. Wear just enough make up. Style yourself. Wear a variety of sexy outfits and fashionable hairdo.

Use your microphone

Using your audio is a great way to get more money. Our clients/members mostly speak English. They will be more interested with a girl who can talk and flirt in free chat. You can also enhance your private show by using your audio. Remember that one of the most erotic ways to arouse your clients is by using your sexy voice and letting them hear you moan their name.

Locate your web cam strategically

Your webcam should be placed where all of your assets can be seen. Make sure that there is enough lighting. Proper lighting will do marvel in your appearance.

Use your notepad

You will be chatting with a lot of clients every day. This will make it hard for you to remember their names, nicknames, age, exact location and interests. It will impress clients if they think you remember some of their information. Impressed clients tend to tip you more and be a fan club member.

Spread your attention

You have to give attention to the whole room when you are in free chat. This will motivate customers in getting your attention and get you in private.

Avoid saying no to customer requests

You can always use positive scripting when clients request something that you don't want to do. Instead of saying. "Sorry, I can't do that.", you can always say "I have never done that before but you can teach me how in private." This will turn your supposed negative response into potential positive results.

Have fun! Flirt!

Get on cam to have fun. Be excited to go online. you are the center of attention in your chat room. Every one will be looking at you closely. Customers will feel if you are not enjoying what you are doing. So be happy and feel sexy!

Keep your chatroom interesting

Get people chatting in the room. This will make you look popular. The more clients chatting with you, the better. The one who has money would want to get your attention and will take you into a private room.

Have props/toys and outfits near you

Make sure that your toys, props and outfits are within your reach. It is possible that a customer requests for a change of outfit. It will be a waste of time looking for it while off the cam. The customer might think you're wasting paid time and have a bad experience.

Use these explicit phrases

"I am so horny, I think I might cum in 2 minutes if someone takes me private."
"I have been thinking about sex all day. I can't wait to play cam to cam with any of you guys."
"Are there older men here? I keep fantasizing about older men lately."
These will help you get a private customer quickly.

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