Our Innovations

  • Aside from being one of the highest-paying studios in the industry, Inititati also gives models another way of earning. They can choose to create their own profile on Initiati.com, have a virtual date with our clients and get higher earning percentages. Just like in private chat, clients are charged on a per minute basis.

  • Most of our models create a client base from performing on other sites. Sometimes, these customers are not always online when their favorite models are broadcasting. Our Play section allows busy customers to set up an appointment with a favorite model and have a virtual date with her through Skype .Our Play page features the hottest Initiati models who are open to perform on Skype shows for these busy customers. Customers are shown profiles of the models they want to go on a virtual date with. If a model is online, customers can book her right away. If not, a customer can schedule a virtual date with the chosen model. Setting up an appointment with an offline model is one of Initiati's greatest innovations. This feature was developed for the sake of our busy customers and in demand models.

  • Visit our Play section to learn more about Initiati virtual dates!

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