Here's what our hottest webcam models have to say about Initiati:

"I have been with Initiati for 8 months. I am enjoying every minute of it. I am so thankful that they gave me an oppotunity to become a model."

Kristine, 21, OH

"The best part of working for Initiati is that I get to talk to a lot of fun and interesting people. I make great money while being entertained."

Mary Ann, 28, IL

"I recommend Initiati to thos who have plans of being a model. Initiati keeps my privacy protected. I always get paid on time. I can always contact support when I have questions about anything."

Trish, 23, NY

"I've been working as a cam model for Initiati for years now. It has paid for my college. It has been awesome working for the site. I get to earn a lot and have a lot of spare time too."

Sugar, 25, CA

"With Initiati, I only do what I want. Nobody can force me to do anything I do not enjoy. It's part of the terms and agreement. I enjoy working as a webcam model with my company a lot. I've worked with other cam sites so I know the ins and outs. I also know that Initiati is one of the agencies that provides the highest pay offs to models."

Chelsey, 32, MI

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