Our mission is to help our family of models excel in their career by providing them with excellent opportunities to earn while focusing on their rights.

We guarantee to provide our models with :


Initiati is keen on keeping our models secured all the time. Before officially broadcasting, our models are briefed with safety and security measures. We give our models options to work in studios or at home, wherever they feel safe and more secure. When broadcasting, models are free to ban or kick anyone on free chat who they think are threats to their safety and security.


Our models are given the privilege to anonymity. They are able to choose whatever names they want. They are given a state or country IP filtering. They can block whatever state and countries they don't want to be seen on. We have adopted a Privacy Policy for the benefit of our models and the agency. Visit Privacy Privacy Policy for more details.


There is no minimum or maximum time a model can spend online. One can broadcast as much as he or she wants. A model can choose to go on a show with other registered models. We also provide flexibility in terms of payment method. A model can choose to be paid through Payoneer, Skrill, bank deposits or cheque.

Earning Potential

Initiati provides our models with different ways to earn. A model can opt to broadcast on other sites and on our own site as well. We also encourage our models to refer other potential models for an extra of income.
For each referral, a model will get $100 referral bonus.


Initiati will never fail to provide support to our beloved webcam models. We have a 24-hour general information and technical support for broadcasting models. We also provide model mentoring to models who would want to get more tips and learn more tricks in the industry.

Career Growth

We support our Initiati models even if they decide to take on a different career path within the company.
We are an equal opportunity advocate. This principle also applies to our models.

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