As an Initiati model, you have the freedom to customize your profile. A good profile will lead you to your success. This is where clients get to know more about you and your interests. Your profile will be visible on over 30 exclusive cam sites within our network. Perks of customizing the profile are:

Choosing your unique model name

All models are required to choose a unique username. The name should stand out and fit the model.

Opting to post your preferred schedule

Models are allowed post their schedules on their profile so customers can see when they are usually online. A model is also free to opt out of this.

Posting as much photos as you want

It is not required that a model post a lot of photos on her profile but it is advisable to have some for our members' viewing.

Country/State IP filtering

Models have the option to broadcast on select countries and states. Also, they can choose to be invisible on other countries and states.

Customizing your Bio

As a model, you are entitled to be whoever you want to be. You can change your age and race. You can opt to be straight or bisexual. Just try to keep it sexy.


Initiati values our models' privacy and security. We have adopted a Privacy Policy to assure models that we never give out personal information.

Visit Privacy Privacy Policy for more details.

Personal Information

Initiati will never give out personal information like email address, contact information and other personal details to third party users. These information are used in order for us to operate our site properly.


As previously mentioned, models can opt to hide their location from the public. This is made possible by our country/state IP filtering feature.

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